Mighty Vites

The Super-Powered Gummy Multivitamin For Your Everyday Heroes

Why Mighty Vites Are Better Than Other Vitamins

A High Potency Superior Formula Outperforms Commercial Labels

Mighty Vites are significantly lower in sugar when compared to those commonly available off-the-shelf in stores

In Mighty Vites unique high potency formula, half of the vitamins and minerals score well over 100% for what toddlers and youth require to consume daily UNLIKE the major brands

Mighty Vites contain NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, are gluten free, and have only 23 calories in a 3 gummy/day serving

Mighty Vites are delicious, soft, non-stick gummy chewables that dissolve quickly in the mouth, leave no sugary aftertaste and are naturally colored with Annatto, Turmeric & Elderberry juice

The gummy bears look similar in color to disguise the flavors so that your child's favorites are not the only ones eaten.

Help fill nutritional gaps when you and your child are rushing to and from school, practice, or the game

Contains a surplus of Vitamin E which is important for the nourishment of young growing brains

Contains an adequate supplement of Vitamin A which supports eyesight and vision

The Many Benefits of Mighty Vitamin D