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Children and Canine


Adult Weight Management

SlimROAST Blends
 - Fat Burning Instant Coffee ☕

Brazilian - Italian - Cocoa - Optimum


PreVail TRIM - Suppresses Appetite 🧉


PreVail Immune Booster - PreVent Infectious Diseases, Fight Cold, PreVail against Flu like Viruses 💪


PreVail Energy Booster - Natural Energy & Stimulate Your Mind 🤸‍♀️

ABSORPTION MAX - Increase Osmotic Pressure & Intra-Cellular Homeostasis


K9 - ABSORTION for Dogs  - Increase Osmotic Pressure & Intra-Cellular Homeostasis in Canines 🐕


Breakthrough DETOX - Probiotic Detox - Raises the Heck out of HDL (Good Fat Levels) 🌱

KETO Coffee Creamer
 - Promote Natural Ketogenesis 🥛

Mental Health

Say: (New-You-Jen)

"Where Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science"

Are you Feeling:


Anxiety, Irritable, Tired, Overwhelmed?



Trouble Sleeping, Muscle Tension or Pain?


Are you:

Overeating, Depressed Difficultly Focusing?



Lower Sex Drive?


Then say hello to: Nu-Yu-Gen 
And Get Ready to Smile 🙂 Again